the diary

In an attempt to keep ourselves better organised, we've moved our diary in to a single online calendar that everybody can see and we can easily keep up to date. Heeeeello 21st Century!

Unless otherwise noted, Freefall gigs are usually public performances with free admission and typically start around 9pm. However, this may vary subject to the discretion of the venue.

If in any doubt, don’t hesitate to check with either ourselves or the venue concerned.

There are some obvious dates when we know certain members of the band are definitely not available, so we've marked those on the calendar to give a better idea of our possible availability just in case anybody is thinking of booking us.

That said, if it's just Bean that isn't around (he's the drummer) then we have a number of talented friends whom we regularly call on to stand in for him, so we may well be able to find a sub. If it's one of the other band members, it may not be so easy . . .

Just for the fun of it, and perhaps give an idea of where we've been and how we've got here, we still keep an old (and as of August 2019 no longer maintained) list of past gigs and venues here.

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